Friends of Withington Baths

We'd like to publicly say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the following generous businesses and individuals who are supporting our endeavours. We really couldn't do this without you...


Special thanks to the following organisations, who share our passion and vision, and are helping us to make it happen:

  • Locality
  • Southway Housing
  • Sainsbury's Withington
  • Buttress Architects
  • FatSumo (BIM Survey)
  • We Are Life
  • Howard Gilby, Green Works
If you would like to become a business friend, sponsor a tile or donate to Fiver Fever, please click here.

Thank you to the following local independent businesses, who have each pledged £100 to help us realise our Big Vision. If you would like to be a business friend, too, please click here:

ABa quality Monitoring
Ascendis Accountants
Didsbury Events & Catering
The Flower Lounge
Greens Vegetarian Restaurant
Hine Insurance
The Key Fund
Link Chiropractic
Manchester Student Homes
The Metropolitan
Montrose Properties
Regional Gowth Fund
Withington Civic Society


We are now launching a brand new fund raising campaign, and would love our community to be involved. For a minimum donation of £25, you can sponsor one of our Edwardian entrance way tiles, inscribed with your name. (When you make your payment, we will email you to find out which names you would like on your tile). If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Sponsor a tile and become a real part of our community.


Thank you to the following people, who have all made individual contributions*, to help us secure the future of our much-loved heritage building. If you would like to be a friend, too, please click here:

Catherine McCrohan
Rob King
Gareth Davies
Camilla Loxton
Madeleine Reeves
Marian Blaikley
Patricia Cunningham
Amy Glendinning
John McAuliffe
John Leech
Gordon Hindle
Dr Frances Balmer
Andrew Thompson
Lyn Hobson
Joseph Clough
Sian Hira
Lauren Hira
Pete Ruane
Sushila Tyler
Ken Wait
Rachel Pattinson
Clare Elliott
Frances Williams
Alison Hunt
David Ellison
Dominic Sagar
Maggie Fisher
Gordon Lorimer
Howard Newhall
Joanne Jordan
Diane Modahl
Trisha Stevenson
Jenefer Wilson
Mr W. Corlett
Leon Mills
Brian Hood
Tom Gray
Ruth Sutton
Hazel White
Ruth Roberts
Abi Frost
Neil Morse
Blanca Merino
Rachel Fallon
Lida Wagenblast
Catherine Ashmore
Nicola Griffiths
Lesley Beck
Jill Tucker
Ruth Price
Gill Wright
Ben Jones
Sodi Mann
Ciara McAuliffe
Roisin McAuliffe
Mr Slann
Janet Wiseman
Ali Khan
Winston Montrose
Giselle Bate
P. Jones
Ann Knowles
Lesley Bowers
David Bushell
Ste Davison
Richard Holliday
Steve Roman
Mo Bright
Kate Ewings
John Moczulski
David Keegan
Kathy Teale
Said Ben Abdallah
David Woodhams
John Nancollis
Alex Miell
Simon Whale
Mark Doyle
Linda Smith
Rachel Marsden
Harriet Monkhouse
Douglas Wroe
Anna Hampson

Branwen McHugh
Jennifer Green
Milan Shah
Louise Hargan
Dr Sukhjind Mann
Oliver Chapman
Rebecca Robinson
Garry Bridges
Keith Levy
Heidi Wilson
Simon Cutler
Lucy Millard
Gavin White
Rowena Roberts
Juliette Hamilton
Cathie Thomson
Martin Sykes
Ian Philip Hamilton
Karen Harrison
James O'Neill
Josie Teubler
Pam Lorimer
Gareth Watson
Tommy Walsh
Emily Hughes
H. Robertson
Pauline Murdock
Jean Krasocki
G. Barber
Colette Watling
Helen Routledge
Chris Keaney
Rita Whitehead
E. Azba
Jamie Howard
Susan Holt
Jeff Smith
Becci Wadeson
Margaret O'Connor
Mary Buchanan
Julie Holland
William Pinnock
Ann-Marie Littler
Elizabeth Irving
Lesley Lancelott
Peter Julyan
Nadine Ashton
Stephen Welling
Debbie Hey
Jex Hawksley
Claire Joseph
Pip Cotterill
Brian Kelley
John McAuliffe
Paula O'Reilly
Jay Tyson
Barry Adamson
Neil Brown
Catherine O'Reilly
J. Edwards
J. Hawes
Michael Denny
Philip Bethell
Stephen Taylor
Matt Savka
John Willmer
Trish Coyle
Kath Blower
Hafiza Begum
Alexander Moczulski
Phil Goodridge
Teresa Regan
Trisha Stevenson
Bernard O'Hara
Hywel Davies
Nicola Lord
Kevin Cooke
Michael Edwards
Gillian Wright
Deborah Cameron
Alan Gellion
Jon Tye
Liam Astley
Robert Storey

Wendy Frost
Frances Pool
Betty Webster
Heli Devine
Louise Magill
Susan O'Hare
Lucy Lloyd-Roach
Raf Mulla
Victoria Barlow
Joanne Hart
Dave Astley
John Tye
Drew Folland
John Moulson
Lisa Skolosdra Short
Sian Astley
Helen Corr
Tim Tyler
Livingston Flowers
Harriet Monkhouse
Jean Johnston
Altorki Ram
Colin Imber
Rita Powell
J. Allen
Chantal Maine
Drew Walsh
David Payge
Katie Weeds
Alison Ball
Mr Peters
Laura Parkin
Ana Azba
Kim Wilson
Sophie McNeill
Paul Tempest
Joanna Midgeley
Tina Randall
Faye Welshy
Simon Manning
David Rideheard
John Tye
Darren Moore
Simon Wheale
Tim Drinkall
David McKelvey
Doug Edwards
Hellen Millen
Rae Story
Miriam Jones
Alice de Araujo
Ronan McAuliffe
Nancy McAuliffe
Old Moat Children's Centre
Stephen Whelan
Dave Bailey
David Payge
Carole Hoey
I. Jones
Mrs E. Robinson
Peter Bowers
Rich Flackett
Jacky Taylor
Martyn Spink
Jennie Harrison
Graham Monks
Peter Saunders
Selina Din
Leila Abu-Elfailaz
Mark Duplex
Richard Pearce
Adrian Hallmark
Thomas Liggett
Dr Mary Miller
Paul Grundy
Angela Hallmark
Ben Norman
Rachel Crabtree
Charlotte Miell
Kelda Savage
Martin Tonks
Vincent Walsh


Can't see yourself yet? Don't worry, we're continually updating the list, and you will appear.


We'd also like to thank the following people who have very generously given their time to support our campaign:

  • Martin Sykes
  • Clare Seddon Howarth, Tinned Snail
  • Jon Rebbeck, Bigghands Ltd
  • Alice & Andre De Araujo
  • William Pinnock
  • Catherine McCrohan
  • Frances Higson, Govan Hill Baths
  • Gill Wright, Victoria Baths
  • Cavendish Primary School & PTA
  • St Paul's Primary School & PTA
  • Beaver Road Primary School & PTA
  • St Cuthbert's Primary School & PTA
  • Old Moat Primary School & PTA
  • Chorlton High School
  • Susan Lynch
  • Ruth Sutton
  • Kevin, Click Electrical
  • Bramley Baths & The Mermaids
  • Gregg Johnson, Cactus Design
  • Roger Smith, Withington Civic Society
  • Iain Devine, The Drunken Butcher
  • The Makers' Market, West Didsbury
  • Amanda McCrann, Mosaicist
  • Lauren Hira, M20 Photography
  • Ayesha Rahman Photography
  • Andy Marshall Architectural Photography
  • Les Grant Photography
  • John Thomson, Actor & Comedian
  • Dave Haslam, DJ & Author
  • Justin Moorhouse, Comedian
  • Andrew Ryan, Comedian
  • Hayley Ellis, Comedian
  • Sian Wild, The Flower Lounge
  • Simon Connolly, Didsbury Events & Catering
  • Kate Goodman, Reserve Wines
  • Annalise Carter, A Taste of Honey Delicatessen
  • Sarah Gallacher, Cocoa-Cabana Chocolatiers
  • Sharon Kelly, Good Mood Food
  • Jill Taylor, Stealth Marketing
  • Pauline Deakin, Flo's Food
  • Eve Munroe, Facepainting
  • Becky Maughan, Love Fitness Manchester
  • Hannah Wells, My Craftea Day
  • Lisa Lawson, Diddi Dance
  • Kate Parsons, KateSews
  • Folk Café Bar
  • Airy Fairy Cakes
  • Tank Coffee
  • Taste Tradition
  • Fallowfield Timber
  • Simon Manning
  • Rachel Boyd
  • Dave Porter
  • Bobby's Bangers
  • Mike Spencer, freelance cameraman
  • Ella Cummins, Vivien Starr & Ruchika Kogimtzis (Smart Cookies) for Valentine's Cakes
  • Our VOLUNTEERS >> Jay Tyson, Phil Jones, Magdalena Radrigan, Jes Lowe, Nicola Griffiths, Ruth Price, Leila Abu-Elfailat, Tracey-Jane, April Preston, Helen Routledge, Dave Bowers, Andrew Porter, Anna Zaphiri, Branwen McHigh, Charlie Gooding, David Payge, Graham Monck, Jim Allen, Peter Syrus, Schadia Boueiri, Gouri Laher, Evonne Carr, Raf Mulla, Alex Colville, Ellis Quinn, Andy Callon, Rebecca Payne, Harriet Monkhouse, Denise Barnes, Anne Henderson, Debbie Cameron, Gavin White, Wasyl Strutynskyj, John Tye, Anna Gidman & all who painted, cleaned, scrubbed, weeded, planted & made teas and coffees as we prepared to open!

*By donating, we are assuming that you wish to join our mailing list if you provided your email address and be informed about timely news/events. We will never spam you nor will we ever forward your details to a third party. You may unsubscribe at any time and you can be assured we will remove your details from our database.

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